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Programmes >> Under Graduation >> Engineering
 Electrical Electronic Engineering
Our Electrical Engineering Department offers B.Tech, M.Tech, dual-degree i.e. B.Tech & M.Tech, and PhD programs in Electrical Engineering. The department has a very valuable heritage of teaching and research and is widely recognized to be a leader in Electrical Engineering education in India.

Our well educated and highly talented faculty members encompass a wide knowledge of sub-disciplines of Electrical Engineering. Associations with faculty members from inter- disciplines, both within and outside the campus, are in vogue. The activities of the department include fundamental research, sponsored and consultancy projects, and are carried out with active participation of the students, faculty and corporate Engineers. The lab facilities and the infrastructure are regularly upgraded and developed and are well maintained by the Campus and the Corporate World.

The Department covers all areas of electrical engineering such as integrated electronics and circuits, Tele-communications, Computer technology, Control & Automation, Power systems & Power electronics. The faculty of the department continuously carries out research on latest technologies and regularly publishes in many top international journals. The department also undertakes many research projects sponsored by both the Government and the Industry.
 Civil Engineering
Civil engineering is the basic foundation of the engineering fields. Our Civil engineering Department focuses on developing students and future engineers who can define and create the infrastructure of the world which include Water works, Sewers, Dams, Power Plants, Transmission Towers/Lines, Railroads, Highways, Bridges, Tunnels, Irrigation Canals, River Navigation, Shipping Canals, Traffic Control, Mass Transit, Airport Runways, Terminals, Industrial Plant Buildings, Skyscrapers, etc.

The Department of Civil Engineering has been in existence since the inception of SRMIMT and has grown into a well equipped department with specializations in all the major areas of Civil Engineering. The departmental activities embrace Planning, Design, Construction and Management. Many of the faculty members have received degrees, training from world class institutions in India, UK., USA. Many of our students are posted in leading Academic Institutions, Industry, Corporate World and Public Sector Companies in different countries all over the world.
The activities of the department are carried out as follows:
  • Building Technology and Construction Management
  • Environmental and Water Resources Engineering
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Transportation Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering leading to the bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering is a structured program that prepares students for a broad range of career choices in the field of mechanical engineering.

The Course is intended for students whose career objectives require greater flexibility. Mechanical engineering deals with design and production of tools, machines and all other mechanical equipment to be used in industries.

The Department offers many options extending across many interdisciplinary specialties. Our Department is concerned with all types of machinery in industries and theirc mechanism and functioning; the design, development, construction, production, installation, operation and maintenance; such as large steam and gas turbines, components of thermal power stations, internal combustion engines, jet engines, machine tools, air conditioning and heating machines, refrigerators etc. Our Department prepares the mechanical engineers who are the driving force behind many of our technologies and industrial processes including innovative products like mobiles, PCs and DVD etc in our modern world.

Our Department offers specializations in areas like thermal engineering, design, and production engineering etc. Our Students when enter the world of industries work mainly in the most reputed manufacturing firms. They are placed in administrative and managerial positions in government departments or public and private sector industries or do research as well as teaching in Research and teaching institutes. They also opt for technical sales / marketing or work as independent consultant’s job.
 Automobile Engineering
Mission Statement: To provide the students of Automobile Engineering with learning facilities comparable to world class standards for designing and manufacturing of automobiles using Pro-E, ADAMS,CAD/CAM, RPT to Impart knowledge to design vehicles with lesser pollution and better safety standards to meet Bharath norms and to provide knowledge to build hybrid vehicles and to use alternative sources of energy..
About the Department
The department was established with an undergraduate programme in Automobile engineering in 2013.
The department is well equipped with laboratories like Vehicle Design Lab, Engine Testing and Diagnosis center, Vehicle Servicing Laboratory, Automotive Sensors and Controls Laboratory, Automotive Electrical and Electronic Laboratory, Computational Fluid Dynamics Laboratory, CAD/CAM center, Design center, Heat Power Engineering Laboratory, Energy Engineering Laboratory and Heat Transfer Laboratory. The software packages available in the department include Pro-E, CATIA, Unigraphics, ANSYS, ADAMS, LSDYNA for the faculty and aspiring students to pursue their research and project work. The upgraded facilities in the department include sensors tutor, MPFI Engine with Eddy Current Dynamometer, CVT, Automatic Transmission, etc..
Among the various activities of the department, the SAE stands out with its many guest lectures by eminent personalities from academic and industries. In addition, frequent industrial visits to renowned industries are one of the key activities of SAE. The SAE also plays a very important role in mobilizing student participation by conducting various quiz competitions and seminars. The department has a separate library with a collection of various journals, SAE magazines and books. An annual AUTO EXPLODE exhibition organized by the department exhibits most of the Modern Cars, Race Cars and also Students Innovations. The highlights of the exhibits are Intelligent Traffic System, Active Suspension System and Composite Leaf Springs, etc. The Automobile Engineering Association (AEA) is actively conducting various Traffic Awareness programmes, Vehicle Maintenance, and Servicing programmes, Automobile Pollution Check Up Camps, etc.
The department maintains a close liaison with a number of Universities and Industries in and out of the country through faculty research and collaborative projects.
The department offers consultancy services in Chassis Design, Engine Design, FEA analysis, and CFD simulations. In the near future, the department aims to start Fuel Testing Laboratory, Advanced Automotive Electronics Laboratory, and a Research center for Alternate Fuels.
  1. Mr. Freedon Daniel HOD / Automobile
  2. Mr. Balamurugan Adhithan – Co-ordinator AP/Automobile
  3. Mr. Ankit Sonthalia – AP/Automobile
  4. Mr. Elavarasan – AP/Automobile
  5. Mr. Kannan – AP/Automobile
  6. Mr. Thiagarajan – AP/Automobile
Mrs Dhanusiya B – AP/Automobile
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Other Links

The YouTube video link of the event and complete journey-

The YouTube video link of the introduction of College & Team Members-
Our participating team AeroX Motorsports, from SRM University, NCR Campus won FIRST PRIZE in 7 different categories through out the event. There were totally 180 teams all over India which participated in the competition.

The prizes were as follows-
1. National Champions (Rank 1)
2. First place in Acceleration
3. First place in Endurance and Fuel Economy
4. First place in Design
5. First place in Aesthetics 
6. First place in Innovation
7. First place in Business Plan

Fuel Cell Lab: The fuel cell laboratory provides advanced facilities to help the students to learn the concepts of fuel cell technology and advanced thermal engineering. Students are doing many projects regarding the fuel cell and thermal engineering.
Vehicle Servicing Lab: This course deals with the various parts of the vehicle and to diagnose if they are functioning properly.  While it is not the purpose of this course to teach the student to become a mechanic, a professional driver must be able to recognize an improperly working part of the vehicle before it causes serious damage or an accident.  The student also learns how to safely and correctly perform basic, everyday vehicle servicing and simple maintenance tasks, as well as how to determine when the vehicle needs the attention of a skilled mechanic. Also provide students a good environment to understand the technology know-how, testing, service and set-up of modern motor vehicles.
List of Equipments available in the laboratory
  • Air  brake  System
  • Hydraulic Brake system (Air assisted)
  • Front suspension system
  • Mobile automotive electrical system
  • Kinetic  Honda (CVT)
  • Leyland gear box
  • Maruti  Transaxle gear box
  • Transfer case gearbox (jeep)
  • Differential unit
  • Steering gear box (TATA)
  • Steering gear box (Leyland)
  • Vanjax hydraulic jib crane
  • Santro Hyundai  car (Frame assembly)
  • Maruti -800 car
  • Headlamp aligner
  • Automatic gear box
  • Montana  car chassis
  • Welding machine (8kVA)
  • Drilling machine size (3mm- 12mm)
  • Growler tester
Engine Testing Lab
The Engine Testing Lab helps the students to,
  • Explain the principles of systematic troubleshooting.
  • Identify the fundamental operating requirements of engines which means,
    • Proper Carburetion – correct proportion of clean, fresh fuel has to mix with combustion air
    • Correctly operating ignition system – strong ignition spark must be timed properly
    • Adequate Lubrication – correct amount of clean oil must coat engine components
    • Sufficient cooling – air that reaches engine should be less than 266 K hotter than ambient air.
    • Proper compression – at least 2-2.8 bar for starting and 6.2 bar during operation
  • Use service manuals and troubleshooting guides to locate tolerances, clearances, and specifications.
List of equipments available in this lab
  • Eddy current Dynamometer
  • Five gas analyzer & Smoke meter
  • Maruthi  Engine  assembly (1000)
  • Maruthi Engine assembly (gypsy)
  • V - Type engine block
  • Hero Honda 100 cc Bike engine Cut section
  • Six cylinders Leyland engine assembly
  • Six cylinders TATA engine assembly
  • Battery charger
  • Cielo engine assembly
  • Spark plug cleaner
Automobile System Simulation Lab
The Simlab lab houses a total of 70 computers with a Server for Licesensing & Data. The Lab is equipped with a wide range of Softwares in Solid Modeling, FEA, Mechanisms and Systems Modelling.
Modeling softwares
  • ProE Wildfire 5.0
  • Solidworks Premium 2009
  • SolidEdge
FEA Softwares
  • Ansys 12.1
  • Abaqus V6.9.1
  • Dynaform 5.7.1
  • VPG 3.4, Ls-Dyna 971
  • Star CCM+/CD 
Systems Modeling Software
  • AMESim V7.0
  • Matlab 7
Data Acquisition Softwares
  • Lab-view 8.0 
 Electronics & Communication Engineering
Our Department offers undergraduate program in Electronics and Communication Engineering. The Department has highly talented, qualified and competent faculty members in the areas of Digital Signal Processing, Active Circuits, Data Communications & Networking, Mobile and Wireless communications, High Speed Networks, Optical Networks and VLSI & Micro-electronics.
Our aim is to make them proficient in the following areas:
computer science lab
  • To introduce the student to the idea of signal and system analysis and characterization
  • To introduce communication, control, instrumentation, introduction to signals and systems
  • Formalizing signals: energy and power signals, signal properties: periodicity, absolute integrability,determinism and stochastic character
  • Continuous time and discrete time Linear shift-invariant (LSI) systems
  • The z-Transform for discrete time signals and systems
  • Discrete-Time Fourier Transform (DTFT) and the Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT)
 B.Tech- Information Technology
Information Technology Computers in the present age are a powerful tool for everyday purpose of life and teaching and learning. Our Department of Information Technology offers students the power to explore reason, question and research every imaginable topic. Our Department is a pioneer in incorporating technology as a critical part of our education process.

The Department’s future vision and substantial commitment to technology now allows faculty to share their teaching resources and interact with students at a very fast pace.
Technology also allows students to easily communicate with other students, and the Techno - world outside the Campus. With the aid of connection to the Internet and World Wide Web, students are interacting with prospective graduate schools and employers and discovering much more about their prospective career avenues.
computer science lab

Our Department provides our students the facility to have access to many powerful multimedia capable machines installed in labs across the campus, as well as network connections. These connections help ensure that every student has the full range of information technology, including Internet access, available at his or her fingertips 24 hours a day. Our IT Department education provides our graduates with reasonable decision-making abilities and the information technology skills that makes them stand ahead them from graduates of other institutions.
 B.Tech- Computer Science & Engineering
Computer Science The Department of Computer Science is renowned for cutting edge research and for imparting state of the art world class education. We attract some of the excellent students and faculty.

The Department of Computer Science imparts international level training and research. The Department provides high standard computing facilities to the students. It also promotes active industry-department affiliation by finding common areas of interest and taking part in research projects and consultancy services.

Our research exists in the areas of systems, software, networking, databases, security, and foundations of computer science, artificial intelligence, robotics, and scientific computing. Besides basic research, interdisciplinary work on applications that stimulate basic research has been undertaken under Department of Computer Science.
Computer Science Lab

Our Computer Science Department is designed in such a manner that the computer science program orients students toward the pragmatic aspects of computer science and provides the learning and practices to make them proficient computing professionals.
The four semester M.Tech. Programmes at SRMIMT are offered in various disciplines and streams by different departments of the University and are based on the international standards and provide a student with wide choice of courses.
Each programme comprises of several core and elective courses and project work. It is provided in the following Disciplines
  • Computer Science & Engineering
  • VLSI
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