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Dear Students and Parents,

We can’t predict, but we can ensure that our students will be the most knowledgeable leaders, that they will make a difference and that they will creatively and skillfully guide the next century of progress and excellence.

The engineering programs offered by SRM Institute of Science and Technology have been endeavouring to be at the forefront of innovation and fostering multidisciplinary collaboration aimed at solving the most challenging global problems.

Our goal is to deliver world class problem driven programs that inspire curiosity to explore new areas of knowledge and research. Our collaboration with around 50 of the world’s best universities and 215 corporates, strengthens our academic and research programs.

SRM Institute is committed to pioneering innovations in research, transferring discoveries worldwide and educating leaders and entrepreneurs for a better tomorrow.

Welcome to SRM!

Dr. T. R. Paari Vendhar,

Founder Chancellor

SRM Institute of Science and Technology