Department of Civil Engineering Faculty
 /  Department of Civil Engineering Faculty
Name Designation Area of Interest
Dr. Ila Dashora Assistant Professor & Head (O.G.) Hydrology, Flow Duration Curve
Arvind Srivastava Assistant Professor (O.G.) Geo Polymer Concrete, Rehabilitation of Concrete Structures, Earthquake Resistant Buildings, Green Buildings, Energy Efficient Buildings
Amit Ashish Assistant Professor (O.G.) Risk Management in PPP Projects, Resource Planning & Management, Feasibility study of Railway Line, Metal pollution Index & Health risk study
MD Alauddin Ansari Assistant Professor (O.G.) Failure of Composite structure
Bhanu Pratap Singh Assistant Professor (O.G.) Water and Waste water sampling and analysis, Soil Testing and Sludge testing, Stack and flue gas analysis following NAAQS, Ambient air monitoring and analysis
Priyanka Kumari Assistant Professor (O.G.) Concrete Technology
Ranjith Kumar R Assistant Professor (O.G.) Industrial Wastewater Treatment, Solid Waste Management
Lalit Kumar Assistant Professor (O.G.) Building Construction Technology, Design of slip forms, Design of Green Buildings
Monu Gaur Assistant Professor (O.G.) Soil Stabilization, Concrete Technology
Maniram Kumar Assistant Professor (O.G.) Fibre Reinforced Concrete, Design of Skew Bridge
Arun Pandey Assistant Professor (O.G.) Advancement in Concrete Technology, Self compacting concrete, Seismic analysis of Structure

S.G. – Selection Grade               Sr.G. – Senior Grade              O.G. – Ordinary Grade